Marie Stopes, Pou Yen and the Australia Government formally launch new partnership under the Business Partnerships Platform (BPP)

Kaushi Kogar News

Media Release from the Australian Embassy, Viet Nam
March 22nd 2017

Marie Stopes International is delighted to announce a partnership with the Australian Government and Pou Yuen Industrial Holdings Ltd. in 2017.

Pou Yuen and Marie Stopes International formed a partnership in 2009 to provide sexual and reproductive health services to Pou Yuen’s largest factory, Pou Chen. With support from the Australian Government, there is an opportunity for the partnership to further accelerate the impact and scale-up the already successful services being provided to the primarily female workforce in the Pou Chen factory.

With the long-term goal of a healthier and more productive female workforce in Viet Nam, Marie Stopes International will provide high-quality counselling and family planning to help prevent the high-rates of unplanned pregnancy amongst the female workforce. This will in turn increase the economic independence and financial ability for the female factory workers to provide for their families in the future.

As our Regional Director Christopher Turner stated, “The scale of Pou Yuen’s operations is truly remarkable and its achievements are a credit to the women who work there. Marie Stopes is very please to be able to contribute to their health and wellbeing.”

Please visit the Business Partnerships Platform for more information on the partnership.