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Get involved

If you’re passionate about women’s rights and empowerment and believe in the importance of reproductive choice, consider supporting Marie Stopes International.

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If you are interested in adding Marie Stopes International to your corporate giving program, or would like to organise your own online fundraiser or event and need some support, contact us and we can help you make it happen.


Our partnerships are the powerful engine behind the impact Marie Stopes International is able to deliver year on year. The unwavering support of our donors and partners allows us to sustain our outreach to women worldwide and predictably grow our impact to achieve our targets. If you are looking for a cause to invest in, and hope to build a long-term relationship with a not-for-profit organisation delivering tangible and sustainable results please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Leave a legacy

Make a lasting contribution that will benefit communities for many generations to come. Remember Marie Stopes International Australia in your Will, and make a lasting gift to help some of the world’s poorest communities. There are several types of bequests you may like to consider.

  • Residual bequest: after meeting all your personal commitments, you can choose to leave the balance or a proportion of your estate.
  • Percentage bequest: a gift of a specified percentage of your estate.
  • Pecuniary bequest: a specific amount of money.
  • Specific bequest: a gift of a specific item, e.g. property or shares.

To find out more about leaving a legacy, or to make a pledge, please contact us.

Ready to get involved?

Contact us to learn more about the ways you can contribute to improving the lives of women and men around the world.

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Would you like to help, but not sure about getting involved?

Even a small donation can make a huge difference. All donations over $2 are tax deductable within Australia.