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A life-changing legacy for future generations

By including MSI Australia in your will, you can transform the lives of women and girls around the world.

"In 2012, I joined a study tour of aid projects in Africa with a charity I supported. In Ethiopia we visited a hospital where teenage girls who suffer from fistula resided. They were forced into marriage before their small bodies could bear a child, resulting in ruptured internal organs. Many were then rejected by their spouse and by their own families. If contraception were available to everybody, this ongoing tragedy need not occur.

Soon after that trip I decided to redirect my donations to a charity which seeks to alleviate a root cause of poverty and discovered Marie Stopes International. They operate at village level, are consultative with locals, and provide a service which enables women to space children and eliminate unwanted pregnancy.

As there are still over 200 million women worldwide with no access to family planning of any kind, any organisation which provides this basic service gets my support. I have long concluded that Marie Stopes provides the best value for each donated dollar, and provides greater long-term uplift in the lives of recipients than giving to other projects.

From 2013 I have been doing a monthly direct debit to Marie Stopes. And they will receive a percentage portion of my estate after I die.  I would encourage anyone who has thought through the issues of alleviating poverty to do likewise."

- Marie Stopes International Australia supporter Hugh on why he decided to leave a gift in his will.

Whether it’s large or small, when everyday people like you leave a gift in your Will, it creates a ripple effect that makes a big difference in the lives of girls, women and their communities in the Asia Pacific region. After looking after the needs of your loved ones, leaving a charitable gift (bequest) ensures that the legacy you leave behind is compassionate, meaningful and aligned with the values you carried through life. 

Leaving a bequest to Marie Stopes International Australia will have a positive impact for generations to come. There are several types of bequests you may like to consider.

Residual bequest: after meeting all your personal commitments, you can choose to leave the balance or a proportion of your estate.
Percentage bequest: a gift of a specified percentage of your estate.
Pecuniary bequest: a specific amount of money.
Specific bequest: a gift of a specific item such as property or shares.

A printable version of our information brochure and bequest form is available here. If you would like to discuss your bequest or seek advice on wording for your Will, please contact:

MSIA Bequest Manager
Phone: 1300 478 486

We recommend that you seek qualified legal advice when making a Will or changing an existing Will. If you have already included a gift to Marie Stopes International Australia in your Will, please let us know so we can acknowledge your generosity. Thank you.